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“for us, eating and being eaten belong to the terrible secret of love.
we love only the person we can eat. the person we hate we can't swallow.”
- Hélène Cixous

Eating like Sylvia by Aurora Huiza

I didn’t necessarily feel sensual eating cheese and nuts. I felt a little sad, actually...


5 More Ways of Considering the Oyster by Jack Petersen

Every woman I’ve ever dated (two), I’ve taken to an oyster farm...

personal essay

A Talk with Rebecca Brill of Sylvia Plath’s Food Diary (@whatsylviaate) on Twitter

I mean, documenting what you eat is so personal but if you’re really in turmoil, it can turn into something impersonal. But it’s almost really perfect, if you’re really trying to avoid talking about something you can just start talking about what you’re eating...

Kitchen Continental by Cora Womble-Miesner

Breakfast tastes better when it’s free. Maybe that changes as you get older but I haven’t found out yet...

personal essay

Still Life in Mobile Home by Joseph Sweetnam

An old  country is still, moving, rocking-chairly. We cross the interstate moving, still, moving still, coffee  pot on burner..

prose poetry

Meet Lottie Sweeteny, England’s Fake Food Virtuoso

It’s mince made out of mushrooms made to look like real mince. They needed to send it to the Arab emirates but they weren’t allowed to send anything that was a food product, so they asked me to make fake fake mince...


Dinner & a Show by Julianna Drew Björkstén

Every year in Jackson Hole, my family witnessed the talents of a singing cowboy troupe, the Bar J. Wranglers, while chowing down on chuckwagon ribs...


Eating in the Beautiful Bedroom by Jeannie Morgenstern

I remember the cheesecakes from the supermarket. Personal sized, punch in the gut size, whole fist in mouth size...


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